I often get asked by families what I recommend for food, treats, crate size and other supplies so they can be prepared when they bring their new puppy home.  I have included links to my favorite products to make it easy for you to get everything you will need. 


All Life Stages healthy Starter Pack 

Get your puppy off to a great staert. This starter pack offers a significant bundle savings & includes several of the best puppy essentials.

smart puppy book.PNG

This book is great for new puppy owners. It explains simple puppy training techniques that every puppy owner can use.  Also comes with a DVD.

lifes dry-food-dog-400.png

Life's abundance All Life Stage dog food.  This is what our puppy moms eat and we all our puppies are weaned on this.  And they love it.


All of our puppies will be introduced to a crate before coming home to you.  We recommend a 36" crate that is adjustable and can grow as your puppy grows.  Also the 2 doors option is really nice.

lifes shampoo.PNG

Revitalizing Shampoo Cleans with out stripping away natural oils.  Smells wonderful and leave coat feeling soft and smooth.

pin bruah.PNG

A good brush is a must have for your puppy.  We use a pin brush like this for daily brushing and grooming.  The soft side is great for getting your puppy used to being brushed.

dematt tool.PNG

A dematting brush like this is a great thing to have on hand as matts may occur from time to time.


Bio-Base Biodeodorizer-Safe on all surfaces this product safely and effectively eliminates odors.

tasty rewards Treat-400.png

Turkey & Berry Chewies. Our dogs go crazy for these treats and so will your puppy.  They are great for training too.

stainless steel bowls.PNG

You will also want to be sure you have bowls for fresh food and water for your puppy. I prefer stainless steel bowls like these.