Our Doodles

Seattle's Aspen

Color: Cream


ALAA#: 056918

Weight: 25lbs

Height: 21" at shoulders

Aspen is our sweet girl who always gets compliments when she is out.  She loves going to soccer games and baseball games for the kids.  She is so sweet and gentle.  Her favorite mode of transportation is not to walk but to prance.  Her hair is so soft, everyone she meets comments on it.  She loves chasing a tennis balls and playing with Ginger.  

Seattle's Roca Perfection


ALAA#: 080315

Weight: 35 lbs

Roca is a super happy and sweet girl who loves attention and going on walks. She lives with her forever family in Bonney Lake. They describe her as "Perfect in every way." 


Seattle's Lincoln Aalvik 

Color: Red

ALAA#: 062999

Size: Medium

We are both excited and blessed to have Lincoln!  The offspring of Ginger & Rogue. He is such a sweet boy we didn't want to send him home! He lives with with forever family where he is spoiled and loved.  His coat is curly fleece and so far his puppies have been gorgeous with amazing temperaments!!  We are looking forward to more of his puppies in the future.


Rainer, or "Rainey" as her family calls her, is fun loving and playful.  She loves kids and meeting new people.  She enjoys running and hiking almost as much as enjoys cuddles and snuggling.  Her temperament is tolerant and loving. Whether she is being picked up by a stranger or having her ears or tail played with by a kid, she is just happy to have made a new friend.

Foothills Rainer

Color: Cream

ALAA: 071562

Size: Medium

Foothills JoJo

Color: Red Fleece

ALAA#: 074579

Weight: 25 Lbs

Height: 19" at shoulders


Color: Red

ALAA#: 043538

Birthday: 07/03/13

Weight: 25lbs

Height: 17" at shoulders

Ginger was the first doodle we were blessed with!  She came to us from Jan Probus of Shedless in Seattle.  She is fun, sweet and athletic.  She loves running along side us for bike rides in the woods and to play fetch with the tennis ball.  She also sleeps with our daughter every single night! In addition she loves attention and loves to be pet and brushed. Her temperament is so sweet and kind and happy.  Yes Ginger even smiles!!! She is also the mother to Lincoln!