Our Girls

Seattle's Aspen

Color- Cream

ALAA#- 056918

Weight- 25lbs

Height: 21" at shoulders

Aspen is our sweet girl who always gets compliments when she is out.  She loves going to soccer games and baseball games for the kids.  She is so sweet and gentle.  Her favorite mode of transportation is not to walk but to prance.  Her hair is so soft, everyone she meets comments on it.  She loves chasing a tennis balls and playing with Ginger.  

Foothill's Scarlet


ALAA#: 113454

Weight: 25 lbs

Scarlet is a Penny/Timmy puppy and we could not be more pleased with her. She enjoys hiking, boating and going to the beach with her guardian family. We look forward to seeing her puppies in the future.


foothills penny

Penny is a super sweet girl who has our hearts. Her fur is so soft and she is playful and so gentle at the same time. She is the daughter of Aspen and Lincoln.



Weight: 22 lbs


foothills Jojo


ALAA#: 074579

Weight: 28 lbs

Jojo is Ginger's daughter. She is super playful but also super sweet. She is a total cuddle bug. She lives with her guardian family in Eatonville where she enjoys hiking and playing in the river.

download (1).png

foothills Harper


ALAA#: 098066

Weight: 22 lbs

Harper is a Penny/Timmy puppy! She is full of life and character! She is silly and happy and is pure joy to be around. 

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 9.42.00 AM.jpeg

aussie L's Bubblegum

Color- Red aka Ginger

ALAA#: 043538

Weight: 25 lbs

Ginger was the first doodle we were blessed with!  She came to us from Jan Probus of Shedless in Seattle.  She is fun, sweet and athletic.  She loves running along side us for bike rides in the woods and to play fetch with the tennis ball.  She also sleeps with our daughter every single night! In addition she loves attention and loves to be pet and brushed. Her temperament is so sweet and kind and happy.  Yes Ginger even smiles!!! She is also the mother to Lincoln!



Color:  Carmel

ALAA#:  080624

Weight: 22 lbs

Denali is an AMAZING dog!!!! Everyone who meets her wants one of her puppies!!  She is the most easy going dog and nothing ever seems to bother her or get her worked up. Her fur is so soft, a friend compared it to a baby bird.  She is non-shedding and a wonderful family dog to a family of 8. Since her guardian family has moved across the country, she is staying with us for a few extra months to have her last litter.  She is so amazing we will miss her when she goes back to her forever family.

foothills Ellie

Color- Red

ALAA#: 093885

Weight: 20 lbs

Ellie is truly one of a kind. She is so friendly and gentle. Her fur is some of the softest ever. She is a certified therapy dog who loves making new friends.  She lives with a wonderful guardian family in Sammamish who enjoys taking her for walks and to  their kids sporting events. We are truly blessed to have her in our program.


Foothills Luna

Luna is one of the happiest dogs I have ever met. 

For Luna, everyone she meets is a new friend. Her energy just radiates happiness every place she goes.

Color- Carmel with white

ALAA#: 100128

Weight: 25


Foothills Sierra




Weight: 2 

Bio coming soon.....

Our Boys

moonlit acres tiny tim


Color- Red with White Markings

ALAA#:  098066

Weight: 25 lbs

AKA Charlie (as his guardian family call him) came to us from Moonlit Acres and we could not be happier to have him. His fur is so soft and he is so such a happy boy. We are looking forward to seeing his puppies. 

Hale's he's the real deal aka ranger

Color- Chocolate

ALAA#: 100318

Weight: 20

Size: Mini

Ranger is a chocolate mini who came to us from Hale's Labradoodles in California. He is such a sweet boy and he loves the water!  He will actually stand in the shower and wait for his guardian to turn it on for him!  Ranger just had his 1st litter and we could not be happier with them.  We look forward to more Ranger puppies in the future.


Seattle's finn

Color- Cream

ALAA#: 070636

Weight:   37 lbs

We are incredibly excited and thankful to have Finn puppies arriving Summer 2021.  A big thank you to Shedless in Seattle for letting us use him!!  Finn is Aspen's full brother and he is just as amazing as Aspen.  Finn lives with his guardian family in West Seattle.